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Sex toy BINGO in a Box (Example Picture). Items change on a monthly bases

COST $500.00 plus tax per box. (Includes Shipping for orders of 6 or more)

In Each Box you will receive:

• $1,750.00 worth of Sex Toys (MSRP, Minimum 24 items, to cover your game prizes, trivia, and
• BINGO Cards – 300 individual booklets each consisting of 10 games.
• Markers – 300 markers.(Crayons or other, much easier to use, and no cleanup of messy ink)
• Bingo Software – bingo calling software download. (One download per venue, per year).
• A Host Guide – everything from tips on how to select the right host, to professionally designed banter
  material, jokes, customer challenges, trivia and competition, to do it yourself and be able to entertain  
  students for 2-3 hrs.
• Guides and Instructions – Everything you, your host, and staff will need to set up, market, and run the
  event……… from A to Z.
• Event Tickets  – Fully customized, full color promo tickets to help promote your event.
• Legal – Everything your University or College will need to remain compliant with all Federal, Provincial
  and Municipal laws.    

Optional Event Host –  Spencer Rice (Kenny vs Spenny) Please inquire for pricing.Type your paragraph here.

A Proven event that works on Campus
Educational and entertaining

Students play BINGO and the prizes are Adult Novelty Giveaways

This event is both Educational and Entertaining. This program has been constructed so student governments can host this event themselves with material we provide (Student council member or hospitality staff as an example). This allows strict compliance if the council is concerned about content. We do how ever supply hosts from celebrities like Spencer Rice from “Kenny vs Spenny” to other professional hosts that will accommodate your budget.

We are currently supplying many of the University Campuses with the Sex Toy BINGO educational packages. We have been able to buy at wholesale and manufacture prices to extend massive savings to all campuses across Canada.

Cost is $500 per every event:

Every $500 Bingo package is valued at $2000 dollars or more. Even with a discount of 50% for the Toys at a local store, the prizes alone would cost you $1000. Plus you would have to buy the markers, bingo cards, bingo caller software, and spend thousands of dollars to develop the legal documents to assure that your Bingo is compliant with all Federal, Provincial and Municipal Laws. Our ability to buy in bulk, and spread out the cost costs over numerous Universities and Colleges allows us to provide quality, and complete items, inexpensively.

Legal Note:

These packages are completely compliant with Provincial and federal laws. If you have hosted these events in the past you may have potential exposure to massive fines up to $10,000,000.00 and criminal charges if you are not compliant. All boxes come with all legal documents to prove our promotion is compliant. It also gives the necessary documents that MUST be posted in order to host such an event.

Feel free to contact me with any further questions and thank you for your consideration.

Tony Lee 226 678 4296 or email at

PS: If you do host this yourself and do not wish to order our products please allow us to forward our law firms contact details that specialize in Gaming laws in Canada. We are happy to do so the ensure this successful promotion continues on all campuses.