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Medium Budget (Promotions from $500-$2000)

- Dinner and a show (Tribute Artist Solo)

- Hypnotist Shows

- Pro Comedy Shows

- Celebrity Open Mic "Spencer Rice" from KVS

- Busker Event

Limited Budget (Promotions Under $500)

- Music Open Mic

- Comedy Open Mic

- BINGO Nights (See Feature Promotion Below)

- Trivia Nights

- Celebrity look alike shows

- Comedy Magic shows

- Hypnotist Shows

Big Budget (Promotions from $2000 and up)

- Dinner and a show (Tribute Full Band)

- Various Recording Artists (inquire)

- Mentalist Show (TV show Goldmind)

- Hypnotist Show (Tony Lee, Mike Mandel)

- Full Blown Magic Show

- Celebrity Roast with "ED the Sock

- Kenny vs Spenny Live

Featured Promotion

- Keep people in the club for 2.5 to 3hrs
- Cost starts at $200 with a proven history of success
- Comes pre packaged so you can promote right out of the box
- Complete A to Z instructions
- Designed by Hospitality Staff, Management, Owners

- Note (No purchase necessary to play and no consideration can be received) 

Welcome to your New Special Event….. Sex Toy BINGO IN A BOX ™

Sex Toy Bingo In A Box is a low cost, professionally designed and tested special event package. It has been developed exclusively for pub, club or other venue owners that are looking for unique events to draw and entertain customers while increasing revenues.

Our goal is to help venue owners increase their revenue by implementing a cost effective event that is fun, entertaining, and keeps customers seated for 2.5 to 3 hours, all while breathing new life into an otherwise low, or no profit day like Sunday to Wednesday.

Who we are

We have, on a global scale, over 30 years of entertainment, marketing and logistics experience. We are up to date on all the current promotions and events that work in today’s tough economic times. We have also been club, restaurant and venue owners, and are fully aware of the industries challenges and benefits. We therefore have designed this event from a venue owner’s point of view. 

What we will do

We will work with you and guide you to establishing a weekly event that can increase your yearly revenues, depending on the size of your venue, by an additional $25,000.00 to $250,000.00 a year in sales (Consumers may have the No purchase necessary option for BINGO Promotions)) . We will provide you with everything you will need, complete with guides and step by step instructions. We provide:

Prizes and everything else you will need for your event from A to Z.
How to select the right host and all the material your host will require.
Marketing and Strategy plans to help fill your venue.
How to run this promotion as a weekly money making event.


We have created this event so that that you can keep your customers seated for 2.5 to 3 hrs in your venue. On average, each costumer will spend between $10.00 to $25.00 on food and beverage. (Example; at a capacity of 100 this should translate to between $1000.00 to 2500.00 in gross sales. As a weekly promo, multiplied by 50 weeks, it will equal $50,000 to $250,000.00 in new sales. Please keep in mind the No purchase necessary when hosting any BINGO promotions. Under no circumstance may a consideration be accepted.

Formula: (Capacity x Sales Per Person x 50 weeks = Sales)

The Cost

Most venue owners have implemented, or are presently running one of the following events to generate additional sales; Karaoke, Trivia, Singers, Comedians, or DJ’s. The magic number, in order to avoid HAVING TO CHARGE A COVER, is $150 to $300 per event.

Our complete package is $200.00, and is based on a seating capacity of 50 customers.

$200.00 (up to 50 seats)
$50.00 Upgrade Your Box (only $2.00 per person (in multiples of 25) to match your seating capacity.

Each complete Box, plus applicable Upgrades, are sold in lots of 4. With your effort, and our assistance, your goal should be to develop an ongoing weekly profitable event. Although we do not recommend doing one off events, due to the momentum you will create and should take advantage of, if you decide to do just one event, and as a result of our inability to disperse our fixed costs over multiple boxes, the prices for an a single one time box is $300 and $75.00 per upgrade.  

What you will receive

The following items are included in your Sex Toy Bingo In A Box:

$200.00 Box


Adult Novelty Giveaways – $500.00 MSRP or more worth of toys. 14 to 20 items
Bingo Cards – 50 individual booklets, each consisting of 10 games.
Official Rules & Regulations – 1 large copy for public display.
Markers – 50 crayons.
Bingo Software – 1 download per venue  
Host Selection – We will speak with your host by ph to suggest how to run the BINGO Event
Host Instructions – Complete guides, banters, jokes, Customer Challenges, and Competitions
Ticket – 100 customized event tickets with your logo, time and date of the event.
Complete “Set Up” Instructions. Everything you, your host, and staff will need from A to Z.

$50.00 Upgrade Your Box – You may increase the size of your box by purchase upgrades in order to match the seating capacity of your venue. Each additional upgrade costs $50.00 ($2.00 per person, minimum of 25).  

Upgrade Includes:

Sex Toys – An additional $250.00 MSRP worth of toys.
Bingo Cards – An additional 25 individual booklets, each consisting of 10 games.
Markers – An additional 25 crayons.
Tickets – An additional 50 customized event tickets.

Benefits of working with us.

The Savings – Even if you could manage a 50% discount at your local adult toy store, the cost of purchasing the equivalent dollar value of Adult novelty giveaways would be greater than the price of our complete package. Not to mention the additional cost you will incur for bingo cards, markers, legal (rules and regulations), bingo software, and more. 

Experience – Our banters, jokes, challenges and competitions are tried tested and true by industry professional and have be applied at numerous venues across Canada by well know celebrities. We know what works and what doesn’t, what material is needed and what it takes to find and be a great host.

Experience – Yes experience again… As industry professionals we know what marketing and strategy plans work. They may come across as stating the obvious, but you would be surprised just how many venue owners don’t follow, or have a marketing or strategy plan for their event. Our Marketing plans and strategies have also been tested and refined to provide maximum results. All of our customers, that have taken the time to implement them, are enjoying great success.      

Our Future Vision

This promotion has been designed so we can group as many venue and club owners together to block book entertainment in the future. Buying in numbers means substantial savings when we can present offers to artists and agents saving you money.

We hope you will allow us to share future events with you, and please rest assured that THERE IS NO OBLIGATION to participate in any future events or offers. Our job is just to present you with options based on bulk buying entertainment collectively through all of the venues involved.   


Your next successful event!!!