1. RULES - Rules of Play

a)  Numbers are randomly selected from by a Bingo Caller Software. Each random selection is called with a letter from the word BINGO, and a number from “1” to “75”, as follows:

b)  Players shall use card provided at the venue, each card contains up to 10 individual sheets. Each sheet having five vertical columns, with five rows in each column. One letter from the word BINGO appears over each column. All squares shall have a number as above, except the free centre square. Player shall mark each square as its letter/number is called.

c) All games will be played on paper stock, using markers provided by the Venue. No bingo will be honored if not marked.

d) Only cards provided shall be played. 

e) Players may play only ONE sheet per game. Players are not allowed to play multiple sheet. 

f) Players win only if they have the correct card pattern for the game. Pattern is determined by the Caller/Host before the start of each game. All valid winners will receive a prize; players are required to have the last number called to win.

g) When bingo is declared: The Caller shall:

  •      Stop play by announcing bingo has been declared, and no more numbers will be called.

  •      Announce game type being checked.

  •      Describe procedure that will be used to verify bingo.

  •      Announce number of bingo(s) recognized. Players are responsible to make themselves heard by the caller on a declared          bingo.

  •      Ask whether there are any more bingos, and pause to recognize these.

  •      Announce the number of bingos which have been recognized, and that only these are eligible for prizes.

  •      The Caller/Host shall compare player’s card to that displayed on the monitor, confirming both card face, the card number,          and the last number called.

Once a caller has closed off a game, no further bingos will be accepted on that game.


Declared cards shall be checked against the numbers called.

When there are multiple winners of a game, each winner shall receive a prize. 

The Venue shall decide upon all matters relating to the conduct of the event, determine the winners and provide all prizes.

Disputes – How they will be handled

In the event of a dispute, the Host?Caller’s decision shall be final. He or she may consult with the Venues manager/director before giving a final decision.

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